Mission Statement

A privately owned sales, construction and general contracting company deeply rooted in its community to bring reliable, cost effective and high quality goods and services to its neighbors and immediate surrounding customers.  Committed to good neighbor principles to enhance a high quality relationship in the community.


History of Trading Post

Great Mills Trading Post was the original company which was formed in 1970.  Its first business was the buying and selling of used furniture.  Later, used equipment and cars were added to the mix.  In 1985, the Great Mills Construction Company was founded as a separate company operating in the asphalt and concrete construction business.  Then two years later the Great Mills Trading Post and Great Mills Construction Company were joined together.


Great Mills Construction Company has been a major provider of construction and equipment support services to state, local, and federal governments for over 30 years.  We have been performing construction contracts for the Navy for over 20 years and have expanded that construction business to the private commercial sector as well.

Today Great Mills Trading Post employs approximately 100 people and is comprised of four divisions:

  1. General Construction and Excavation Division

  2. Paving Operations Division

  3. Truck and Equipment Sales Division

  4. Aggregate Materials Sales


General Statistics

  • GMTP has averaged installing over 74,000 tons of asphalt and over 3500 cubic yards of concrete per year through the past five years.
  • Zero liquidated damages since the company’s inception – more than 20 years
  • Personnel experience for site management – more than 200 years
  • Pre-Qualified Vendors and Subcontractors acquired
  • An active participant for MBE requirements
  • An advocate for enhancing/support education in St Mary’s County.  Contributed many funds, time and equipment hours to support Board of Education initiatives.